TUC World Class Call Center Services is the bridge builder between organizations and their customers, leveraging the ever evolving digital technology to serve as the voice of the customer.  We achieve this using our Telemarketing resources.


Ours is a a boutique digital telephony and marketing firm that influences customer buying decisions and improves net loyalty for clients. Beyond driving calls, our call center provides customer satisfaction surveys and feedback for our clients. Our customer service offering include staff and management training on the ability to use positive language to drive their company’s vision.


Our vision is to become the bridge builder between organizations and their clients, deploying expertise, leveraging technology, and remain the most dependable ally to clients wishing to bring a human face to all transactions.



We will drive excellence in sales and marketing solutions bearing in mind specific Customer value propositions.


Our aim is to make each of our client’s brands the reference point for brand and service excellence.


We will continuously improve our working machinery to the extent that clients we support remain relevant and profitable irrespective of time and place in history.


We will leverage the digital edge to ensure minimal spend and maximum returns for our clients.


We will provide unequaled levels of customer service offerings and integrated solutions that are mutually rewarding and establish lasting Customer relationships.


Our team members will be encouraged to continually upgrade their skills and bring on innovations relevant to TUC World Class Services service offerings


Through a policy of continuous process improvement, efficiency measures and unequaled management practices, we will grow steadfast, profitable businesses which give commensurate returns to the clients we support.

Our Services

Customer-centric messaging

Customer Service Outsourcing in Nigeria
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer Loyalty survey

Call center development & management

Call Center in Nigeria
  • In-premise
  • Outsourced

Sales & marketing consultancy

Telemarketing in Nigeria
  • Sales Coverage Optimization
  • Salesforce recruitment and training
  • Branding & Advertising


BPO in Nigeria

Why we exist

In a world where companies face stiff competition that affect the perception of the quality of goods and services, negative staff attitude and specifically, staff apathy alienate even the strongest brands. The global decline in employee engagement leaves clients yearning for corporate efforts to connect emotionally with them through products and services.

When this is absent, clients walk away and inform at least 16 people of their pains; that is 16 potential clients revenue inflows gone!  Consider this, 96% of unhappy customers will never complain to you, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.

TUC World Class Services bridges this gap, deploying human and technological resources through sales and marketing support, training and evaluation of the performance of all customer facing staff of companies.

Who We Work With

We work with highly efficient corporate organizations wishing to promote repeat purchases, accelerate closed-won deals and grow healthy sales pipelines.

We help Government institutions, political parties and candidates with irresistible manifestos and achievements get their messages to the hearts of people, by deploying our multilingual/multicultural call agents as their passionate foot soldiers to drive their messages to the public.

Non-governmental organisations, including religious organisations with a passion for the welfare of members and new converts reaching out through our agents who are members of the same faith.

Our Process

Of all challenges you may think of, getting your unique message out shouldn’t be one of them. We leverage digital technology processes and partnerships to increase uptimes, and ensure hitch-free automated services with no downtime. This includes the use of world class marketing automation solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Engagement tools.

We are a pool of experts in digital marketing and messaging with over 20 years’ experience working across some of the best corporate brands in the world.

Our People

Members of our management team grew through various sales and marketing ranks and are exceptional at making the voice of the customer a tool for business growth.

Our workforce comprises highly skilled and educated individuals with track records of team work, strong communication and persuasive skills from diverse cultures and languages to ensure that every piece of your interest is covered. We smile, strategize, persuade, automate and connect beyond cultural and linguistic boundaries to drive customer retention and net loyalty.

We speak French, English, Arabic, Swahili, Lingala and the major Nigerian languages ensuring that no boundary is beyond our reach.



Reach out and let’s create the magic together.

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Our Address

10 Jesus Street, by Jibrin Estate Gate,
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