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Our workforce comprises highly skilled and educated individuals.

We are a pool of experts in digital marketing and messaging with about 20 years experience working across some of the best corporate brands in the world. Members of our management team grew through various sales and marketing ranks and are exceptional at making the voice of the customer a tool for business growth.

Our workforce comprises highly skilled and educated individuals with track records of team work, strong communication and persuasive skills from diverse cultures and languages to ensure that every piece of your interest is covered. We smile, strategise, persuade,  automate and connect beyond cultural or linguistic boundaries  to drive customer retention and net loyalty.

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The History of the Call Centre

I was once asked by a researcher for the BBC, for a documentary on contact centres, for the date of the first call centre in the UK. This question stumped me.  I knew of some early ones, but what was the first?  I have done some research and the early results are...

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7 Signs Your CRM System Is Outdated

35% of contact centres have not updated their CRM System in the past 5 years. Here are some warning signs your system might be out of date. 1. Asking customers to repeat information they’ve already given Nothing irritates customers more than keeping them on hold then...

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Telemarketing Services in Nigeria

TUC World Class Services is one of Nigeria's leading Business-to-Business (B2B) outbound telemarketing agency. We’re experts at helping businesses to understand both new and existing markets and to grow. Most companies want additional business but suffer from the same...

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Business Process Outsourcing

TUC World Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services in Nigeria We aim to help companies improve their abilities to compete successfully by enabling them to deliver world class Customer service outsourcing processes at a highly reduced cost compared...

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Call Center, Customer Success & Digital Marketing

TUC World Class Call Center Services is the bridge builder between organizations and their customers, leveraging the ever evolving digital technology to serve as the voice of the customer. We achieve this using our Telemarketing resources.

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